Nick Ndoja

Broker Owner


About Nick Ndoja

Nick has always been an overachiever… From playing a leading role in the liberation of his homeland, Albania, from the grips of communism while in his 20's to crafting one of the largest-ever fuel jobber transactions in perhaps the US, within the first years of his real estate career that began in 2001, to the record sale in Pompano Beach for $50 Mil, always with the primordial believe that “Your Success is My Success!”… where many of his clients have benefitted from. 

With over 20 years of experience in all the facets of Real Estate, Residential, Commercial, Corporate Portfolios, Financing, Business Operations, Developments, Nick is an inspiration for every Real Estate Professional seeking Carrier Development Success, yet a visionary entrepreneur ready to undertake the next investment opportunity alongside Private or Institutional Investors, setting up the bar with unseen Investment Strategies, Project Analysis and Development Models, Investment Proforma and Capital Stacking, Portfolio Diversification and Strategic Growth Planning, including settings for Urban Master Development and Public Offering, all aiming for success, as unforeseen is limited!     

Nick just doesn't accept "it can't be done" as an answer.  Always an energetic negotiator, of any real estate transaction, Residential, Commercial Realtor® and Business Advisor, Nick draws his analytic skill from his mechanical engineering training, and property management and mortgage brokerage experience to offer insightful guidance on matters ranging from basic contract drafting of any residential, commercial, or business opportunity to new construction development opportunities. 

Projects like Grocery Anchored Shopping Centers, Retail, Hotels, Apartments, Land & Urban Development, Office Buildings, Gas Stations & Gasoline Distributions, Warehouses, Portfolios of Properties or Business Assets, are handled with utmost creativity from analysis, deal structure, capital structure, to closed contract.  

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